Blog Posts

Why are blogs essential?

Blogs are becoming more and more valuable, and companies are realizing it. Blogs are a great way to get information to an audience in a digestible and fun way. Additionally, suppose the blog is written in a way that is informative and enjoyable. In that case, readers will keep returning and bringing more traffic to your website.

What is Miranda the Freelancer's experience with blog writing?

I have written blogs for Londes Digital, SEO Optimizers, and Iris Dating

Give me an example of something Miranda has written.

I wrote a blog post called Tips for an Online Dating Success for the Iris Dating app. My post covered my online dating success story and gave tips on how others could go about the search to gain more positive results. I'm not saying that these tips will work for everyone; however, the article did get some praise upon release. I've been told that it is a beautiful piece that could potentially help people going the online dating route. My point is that I am in the business of giving hope to audiences through my words.

What are clients saying about Miranda the Freelancer?

“Miranda is great to work with. She is very communicative and is always a hard worker. I have used her for content writing for the past few months and am extremely happy with the quality of her work and will be using her for much more work in the future.”- Brandon from SEO Optimizers

"I highly recommend Miranda as a writer.  She had a very quick turnaround on blog posts for my skincare company.  The writing wasn't just informative information but was linked back personally to our companies' products in depth and I could tell she had done the research and spent the time investigating our products."  Kerri from LUXWORKS skincare company 

Other Blog Post Examples:

If you require blog posts, don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to speaking with you about your needs!